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What is Reiki?

       Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient form of healing that promotes a deep sense of relaxation and stress reduction.  The word Reiki is actually two Japanese words, rei meaning universal spirit or higher power and ki meaning life energy.

       Dr. Mikao Usui is the founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho.  He originally had a mystical experience on Mt Kurama in Japan where the energy was first introduced to him.  From there he developed the system with hand positions and symbols.

       The practitioner of Reiki has had an attunement to the energy that is available from Spirit.  This just means that they can feel the energy that is all arouund us.  Through the instruction from their Master they are taught hand positions for Reiki, the different applications and symbols.

What happens in a session?

       The Reiki treatment session is a calming and private time.  Reiki can be performed anywhere at any time but most generally should be done in a quiet place away from distractions.  To facilitate a healing environment the actions or words from the client are kept in strict confidence.

       In a clinical setting you are led to a quiet room with low lighting.  Music that calms the mind and body will be playing.  You will then be instructed to lie down on a massage table with your clothes on and relax.  The session starts with a short silent prayer for guidance from a higher power.  Then they will lay hands on the clients head, torso, legs and feet. 

       During the session the practitioner's hands may become very hot or cold.  A deep sense of calm in the client is usually reported.  It is said that 15 minutes of Reiki is like an hour of deep sleep!


If you have additional questions about Reiki I encourage you to ask me or search the internet.  A good site for Christians regarding Reiki is www.christianreiki.org.

Just for today...

     Do not get angry

     Do not worry

     Be grateful

     Work hard

     Be kind to others


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 Diana received her Reiki training from Beverly Chapman at Healing thru Spirit.

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